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Just Signed Up For Medicare? Signs You Need To Add A Supplement

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If you have recently turned 65 years old or are younger but have a chronic illness, you most likely qualify for Medicare. This insurance program is sponsored by the government and is designed to cover some of the costs you would ordinarily have to pay for hospitalization or doctor's visits. It's great to have Medicare because of the protection it provides, but it's important to note that Original Medicare (OM) may not be sufficient if you deal with certain issues. Keep reading so you can begin to consider whether or not you should add a supplement to your current insurance lineup.

You Frequent The Doctor

Switching over from an employer-sponsored insurance plan to Medicare can take some adjusting. The coverage provided by your employer may have been very thorough, making it possible for you to pay almost nothing to visit your primary care physician or specialist as often as you needed to.

What you have to think about is whether Medicare is going to give you the same level of protection. For example, if you go to the doctor twice a month right now and foresee this going on for a long period of time, carefully ponder if you're going to be paying more money in co-pays as you make the transition. Your budget may be decreasing if you are leaving the workforce and depending solely on retirement or a social security check. Getting a supplement could help to control some of your out-of-pocket costs so you aren't putting as much of a strain on your limited finances.

Health Problems Are On The Horizon

Although some medical issues seem to come out of the blue, others develop over the course of time. Maybe you are already experiencing knee problems that make it difficult for you to walk and know that at some point in the future you're going to need knee replacements. Or, a serious ailment runs in your family and you are starting to feel some of the symptoms even though your case is still in the early phases. 

What you may want to do is get the insurance supplement now so you'll have the coverage if necessary. Waiting until your problems progress isn't the answer because a supplement may not be available at that time.

Talk with an insurance agent to learn more about your options for Medicare supplement insurance. Review the materials you receive so you can decide which option is right for you.